Repair Drywall Cracking

In this residential interior repaint, the client had cracking on walls and ceiling due to shifting of the house over time.

On the ceiling, we scraped off the old stipple, taped the seams and then resprayed the stipple texture. It was important to get to the root of the issue and retape the drywall to ensure the longevity of our paint job. Note that we are not drywallers and that expectations were set with the client that the stipple match would not be perfect, however, it looks a million times better than it did before. The walls had cracked due to shifting as well. The drywall tape was dug up, and retaped. All holes, knicks and dings were filled, sanded and spot primed.

The ceiling received two coats of oil based ceiling paint made for use on stipple ceilings. This paint blocked any yellow and discolouration from living in the home over the years. The walls received two coats of Sherwin Williams Superpaint in a Velvet finish, which is the equivalent to an Eggshell.

Once the project was complete, a full walkthrough was done with the client. Following that, the final cleanup where all areas where we worked were vacuumed and mopped.

After Repaint

repaint kitichen area of Regina home
6335 Hird Cres Regina

6335 Hird Cres
Regina SK S4X4G8

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