How We Plan Your Painting Project

Pro Works Painting Nanaimo uses a system to plan each project. There are many different reasons for a paint job, and each has different needs. Different areas and surfaces require different timelines and processes. Various outcomes are possible based on budget and a clear understanding is essential before the project moves forward.

Starting with plans, pictures or a site visit and a clear scope of work we calculate volumes of time, paint and other materials required for the painting. The reason for painting helps determine many aspects of the plan. Common reasons are maintenance, repair, new construction, accenting a beautiful home, or re-sale. From plans and scope, we create a fixed price estimate. This estimate may have excluded areas, scope additions and clarifying notes. An example of this may be that we are responsible for painting the stairs and railings, but not the underside of the stairs. Collecting a deposit confirms the acceptance of the estimate and clears the way to test colours.

Colour tests may be on painted materials, walls in the home or dried paint on paper samples (drawdowns). These tests must be with the actual paint, colour and sheen to do the work we need them to. A clear label and possible product data sheets that indicate quality, durability and maintenance should accompany test samples. Colours look different in different scenarios so having the actual paint in the space to be painted is key to clarity/certainty. Under different lights or times of day you may swear that two walls painted the same colour are different, making this step absolutely critical.

With the scope, budget and colours secured preparation can begin. Different levels of preparation again are available to balance quality and budget. There are many different aspects of preparing a surface for paint and we make it abundantly clear exactly what we are going to do. From a good foundation prepared we can do the simple task of adding paint to the surfaces. An orderly workflow ensures we aren’t painting ourselves into a corner literally or metaphorically.

Our painters are professionals that take pride in their work. Double checking is a key function of the painter. At various stages of preparation and after the 1st coat a supervisor or project manager will usually inspect to help find any defects. After the final coat the homeowner or interested party will look over the project with a project manager to make sure they are completely satisfied with the project and that we have completed everything we laid out in our detailed estimate.

As always, estimates are complimentary, please give us a call anytime for your next project!

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Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash