Exterior and Interior of diesel Mechanic Shop

Surface Preparation: Exterior was peeling cinderblock. Pressure washed a week prior. Peeling areas were scraped as well as wirebrushed. Anywhere there was bare cinderblock was spot primed with blockfiller.

Painting: 2 coats of Loxon HP, which is a waterproof masonry coating. A high build coating that hides imperfections in the old cinder.

Loxon has a longer than normal recoat time, so we were only able to do one coat a day. On the first day we were able to prep and first coat the exterior, day two completing the second coat.

Noteable: The business is open during the week, so we had to complete this project over two weekends.

Safety: Pylons were setup to block access to the parking lot so that we could safely setup and use our ladders. Ladders were setup at a 4:1 ratio, 3 points of contact was used at all times when working on ladders.

429 High St W Moose Jaw

429 High St W Moose Jaw
Neighbourhood: Downtown

After Painting was Completed

429 High St W Moose Jaw


High St W Moose Jaw

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